Christoff Kott - Shine upon that breath

Christoff Kott - Shine upon that breath

The cold wind blows and makes your skin crawl at the thought of what might be happening. Another piece of your soul grows cold. There is no sunlight visible anymore. Only a cold night. It will be winter till it finally ends and if one can stay strong the sun will shine upon that breath.

” She is not of our world, unless hybrid. Then did someone strange creep into your bed and somewhere else my love? Are you a first or are there others like you? You are shunned, you wander a wasteland. However, a strange beauty is apparent. No, no I must not think that. It stretches too far into a darkness……a darkness of my own making? Look at her again, what lies underneath robes of silk? Is it desirable? Yes she is. I give myself up to her darkness. What bliss, or sin. I care not, I have gone too far. She is enticing but forbidden. An Eve not of our world.” – Johny Stott

-Title: Shine upon that breath
This is a 95.7 cm x 149.6 cm Giclee, signed/numbered edition of 200
[localcurrency]ZAR 3500.00[/localcurrency] (excluding shipping)
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Shine upon that breath - Christoff Kott

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